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10 Summer time Grooming Suggestions For French Bulldogs – frenchie Store


Summer time is a difficult season for French bulldogs as a result of their sensitivity to humidity and warmth. In case you are a French bulldog proprietor, you will need to take excellent care of your Frenchie and their grooming wants in the summertime season to maintain them wholesome. On this weblog, we’ll undergo the required grooming suggestions for French bulldogs in the summertime season. You’ll be taught every little thing from defending them from the solar to correct hygiene, and every little thing that’s essential to preserve them cool and cozy. Whether or not you’re a new French bulldog proprietor or have been residing with a Frenchie for a few years, the following pointers will certainly assist you to and your pup benefit from the summer season season.

Preserve Them Hydrated

Dehydration is a serious drawback for French bulldogs in the summertime season. To keep away from this drawback, just remember to give your pup entry to scrub water all through the day. In extreme sizzling seasons, you possibly can add ice cubes to their water to maintain it cool. You can too purchase a pet fountain that ensures water circulation and encourages your pet to drink extra water.

Trim Their Nails

In the summertime season, the nails of French bulldogs develop sooner than in different seasons. Your Frenchie can have issue if they’ve lengthy nails and will probably be unable to stroll and run round, which could be uncomfortable for them. Subsequently, you will need to trim their nails commonly. You should use a nail trimmer just like the Frenchie Nail Trimmer, which is a specialised instrument designed to make trimming your canine’s nails a better and fewer disturbing expertise.

This trimmer includes a distinctive angled head that permits for higher visibility and management whereas trimming your pet’s nails. It additionally has a security guard to stop over-cutting and inflicting your pet any ache or discomfort.

Brush Their Coat

As a French bulldog proprietor, you realize that they’ve a clean, brief coat and don’t require a lot grooming. Nevertheless, should you brush them commonly, it should take away dust and particles from their coat. This can even forestall matting and preserve their coat shiny and wholesome. Common brushing additionally improves blood circulation and promotes coat well being.

Preserve Their Pores and skin Clear

French bulldogs have very delicate pores and skin and are vulnerable to irritation and infections. To forestall these issues, it’s important to maintain their pores and skin clear. You should use a dog-specific shampoo to wash your canine each week. Be sure that you dry their pores and skin completely after bathing to stop moisture buildup, which might result in pores and skin infections.

Shield Them from the Solar

French Bulldogs are additionally very vulnerable to sunburn, so you will need to defend them from dangerous solar rays. Don’t take them out throughout the peak hours of the day (between 10 am and 4 pm) when the solar is strongest. If you wish to take them out, at all times use sunscreen, a t-shirt, vest, or hat. The Coolify Cooling Vest is a specialised vest designed to maintain your French bulldog cool and cozy in sizzling climate.

The vest is constituted of a novel materials that may be soaked in water and worn by your pet. The vest makes use of the method of evaporation to maintain your pet cool; because the water evaporates off the fabric, it cools your pet’s physique.

Clear their ears:

 French Bulldogs have floppy ears that may lure dust and particles, resulting in ear infections. It is vital to scrub their ears commonly and use a dog-safe ear cleansing answer. Gently clear their ears with a cotton ball or smooth material, avoiding using cotton swabs which might push particles additional into the ear canal.

Preserve them cool:

Brachycephalic canine breeds like Frenchies are vulnerable to warmth stroke as a result of their brief snouts, making it troublesome for them to pant and funky down. It is vital to supply entry to a cool, shaded space for them to relaxation. Cooling blankets or mats also can assist lower their physique temperature. When touring, keep away from leaving them within the automotive for prolonged durations of time.

Preserve good oral hygiene:

Dental issues are extra widespread in summer season as a result of elevated humidity and water consumption. Guarantee good dental hygiene by brushing their enamel commonly with dog-specific toothpaste. Keep away from utilizing human toothpaste. Moreover, present them with chew toys that may assist take away plaque and tartar buildup.

Use flea and tick prevention

Fleas and ticks are quite common in summer season season they usually may cause number of well being points in French bulldogs. To keep away from this situation, use flea and tick prevention merchandise which might be made for pets. Equally preserve their coat in test for fleas and ticks once they come from outside actions and take away them instantly.

The Fleatos flea comb is a superb answer for French bulldog homeowners who need to eradicate fleas, ticks, and lice from their pet’s coat with out utilizing any dangerous chemical substances. This comb makes use of superior expertise to suction these pests gently and successfully, making certain your pet is snug and protected throughout the grooming course of.

Among the best issues about this comb is that it is vitally straightforward to make use of. Merely transfer the comb gently by way of your canine’s coat and watch because it picks up fleas, ticks, and lice. The suction energy is powerful sufficient to take away even the smallest pests, leaving your canine’s coat clear and wholesome.

Watch their weight

Throughout summer season, French Bulldogs might change into much less lively as a result of warmth, which might result in weight achieve. Extreme weight achieve may be very harmful for well being and it’ll results in many ailments. If you wish to preserve them wholesome preserve their weight in test and keep their physique situation. Seek the advice of your vet for this objective they’ll information you greatest about their train and meals routine.


By following these grooming suggestions, you possibly can be certain that your French bulldog stays wholesome and cozy throughout the summer season season. Keep in mind to seek the advice of together with your veterinarian in case you have any issues about your Frenchie’s well being or grooming routine. With the suitable care, you and your Frenchie can benefit from the summer season season with none worries.



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